Causes of fire in high flexible cable


Nowadays, the high flexible cable has been widely used. However, with the popularity of it in the national power supply line, some safety problems of it have attracted people's attention. Especially in recent years, the occurrence of cable fire accidents reminds people to pay special attention to when using this cable. So, what are the quality reasons for the fire accidents of high flexible cables? Let's get to know about it together!

1. The nominal section of conductor of cable core line is not in conformity with the requirements. Generally, the nominal interface is larger than the flexible cable produced in practice, while the flexible cable whose nominal value is more than the standard will have a large unit current density. In the process of its operation, the cable is easy to cause fire accidents due to abnormal heat generation.

2. The production process of cable is poor. The so-called "no adultery or business", although not every manufacturer is like this, there will inevitably be some businesses in the market to seek personal personal benefits, in the process of cable production do not strictly operate in accordance with the standards. Even some businesses will use some inferior products and make them rough, which leads to the final production of cables because the quality is not over closed, which causes fire during the use.

3. The material of the cable is not pure or unqualified. The core wire of the cable is generally made of some copper or aluminum conductive materials. Many businesses often use unqualified or purity materials in the production process, which will lead to the reduction of power due to the presence of more impurities. Therefore, the materials used as core wires must be some excellent electrolyte materials, mainly copper and aluminum.

4. The composition of insulation material is not in conformity with the requirements or poor processing. We know that the outer part of the cable is generally wrapped with a kind of insulating material to wrap the core wire. If the quality of the insulation material is unqualified, it will reduce its own withstand voltage performance and form unqualified resistance value during the use. In addition, long-term use will shorten its service life, and it is easy to cause fire due to some short circuit faults.

5. Improper transportation. Before leaving the factory, the cables are mostly inspected by strict quality. However, in the transportation process, due to the lack of correct protection measures, they are squeezed and collided, which leads to the damage of insulation layer or broken inner core wire.